Top 10 Adult Bikes and Top 5 Kids Bikes of 2016

2016 has been a ride! For some, it’s been a bumpy ride, for others, a nice smooth ride. What kind of ride has 2016 been for you?

With Christmas and New Years only days away, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites and some of yours as well! Here’s the top 10 adult bikes and top 5 kids bikes of 2016:

City Bikes

Bianchi Cortina Dama

Bianchi Cortina Dama

Bianchi Cortina

Bianchi Cortina


Biria Citibike Sport 8 Mens


Electric Bikes

Stromer ST2 S

Stromer Electric ST2 S

Benno Boost 10D

Benno Boost 10d E

Sturmvogel E Evo

Bulls eBikes Sturmvogel E Evo



Benno Upright Ladies 8d


Nirve Starliner Mens 7

Nirve Starliner 7

Nirve Starliner Ladies 7


weblrg_1__29312-1456303363-1280-1280 weblrg__40702-1456303363-1280-1280

Haro Shredder 12 (Boys & Girls versions)


Haro Shredder 16


Haro Shredder 16 Girls


Scott Voltage Junior 24



Schwinn Corvette 24

Cycling Prep for Winter

Finally we are feeling cooler weather out here on the West Coast where we’ve got our 3 (almost) beachfront stores. It’s time to start prepping our bikes for winter weather. Many of you are new at cycling so some of these tips might serve as a reminder. Here are some tips for cycling prep for winter.

Before we get into all of that, however, the best way to prep your bike and get expert advice is to visit your bike shop (Ahem Bike Attack has 3 convenient locations in Southern California) and ask your friendly bike mechanic (we’ve never met an unfriendly one). They’ll also have time tested tips and tricks for you.


Wider is better. Puncture resistant is also better. In wet and/or icy roads, wider tires have more tread and you’ll want all the grip you can get if you’re out there training. All-weather tires are great options to switch out those racing tires, you’ll go a little harder but it’s worth not slipping and injuring yourself needlessly.



Why do we have Daylight Savings anymore? That’s a discussion for a later…time. Heh. LIGHTS. Ok it’s darker out earlier in the day so you want to stay visible. Wearing reflective clothing only works if there’s a source of light, you’ll need lights on your bike to notify everyone else that you’re out there pounding gravel. Remember, head lights AND tail lights are a must.


You need to protect your frame and components from unnecessary damage. Attaching a fender to your rear seatpost to protect your back and undercarriage from anything wet and muddy kicked up from the ground.


You should be changing your cables regularly anyway, make sure you’ve got a fresh set for the winter months, even going so far as to adding cable seals to keep water and mud out. You’ll get optimal performance out of your bike if you regularly maintain and keep it clean.


Stainless steel for winter folks. It’s just easier, lasts longer, less likely to rust. Also …lube. Wet chain lube is the way to go- water resistant, lasts long, keeps your cassette and rings in working condition.



What type of saddle do you have? Synthetic? Leather? Use leather dressing to protect your seat, use liberally and frequently. Saddle covers are great as well.


Yes you’re still in cycle country. Coat your bike frame with car wax to protect it from the winter elements. It lasts longer, more durable and will protect your frame. Trouble spots are the bottom bracket and the underside of the downtube. DO NOT put carwax on your brakes or braking surfaces. Do Not.


If it’s wet or icy, you want your brakes in tip top condition. Aluminum braking surfaces are recommended and brake pads for difficult weather should be installed especially for those of you in harsher winter conditions. Disc brakes perfom better in wet conditions than rim brakes.



Bike Attack Saturday Morning Coffee Ride!

What’s an amazing (and productive) way to grab your first cup of coffee Saturday mornings? Join Bike Attack and Friends for our weekly Saturday Morning Coffee Ride!

Every Saturday, 8am – 10am

We start at Bike Attack Playa Vista, stop midway in Manhattan Beach for a coffee and return. Don’t worry, we’ll get you back to Bike Attack Playa Vista in time around 10am for whatever else you’ve got planned for your Saturday!


Here are some Q’s and A’s we’ve set up to answer all your questions:

Whose bike am I going to ride?

Yours! Ours! If you have a bike you want to bring, GREAT! If you don’t have a bike, WE’VE GOT BIKES!! Yep, we not only sell the best bikes on the market, we’ve got rentals for you! And YOU!  AND YOU! (We might have prematurely gotten a head start on that morning coffee when we wrote this). Please call us 1 day ahead to make sure we have your rental bike ready.

Do I need to wear a helmet? What else should I wear?

YES! Safety first! Your safety first, most importantly. Bring your own helmet, or rent one from us. Wear clothing that is safe for cycling- this means no baggy pants/skirts/bottoms. Dress for the weather! Wear appropriate shoes for cycling.

Where do I park?

Park at the structure adjacent from the Whole Foods at Runway Playa Vista (2 hrs FREE PARKING)

12775 W. Millennium, Playa Vista, CA 90094

Do I need to RSVP?

Please do! Just so we can get a headcount and know to expect you, it’d be nice to know you’re coming and if you’re bringing any pals. Call us at (310) 862-5001 or email us at Message us on Facebook, Tweet! (Buttons below!!)

I’m in!! Where do I sign?

On the bottom of the waiver we’ll have for you at the start line! We’d love your autograph just to make it official. Also our lawyer highly recommended a waiver be required, who are we to argue with lawyers? 😉



Some of our weekend rides will be sponsored, last weekend we had a Bulls eBikes demo ride and the week before that, SCOTT Bikes was in the house to showcase what’s new. You’ll often be the first to see the latest and greatest in the cycling and eBike world! Exclusively with Bike Attack!

Bike Attack Saturday Morning Coffee Ride!

We are SO HYPED to see you there!!



Bike Attack and Scott Bikes Demo Day: Saturday, October 29th





You’re invited to the Bike Attack and Scott Bikes Demo Day and Fall Meetup!


Bike Attack Playa Vista


Saturday, October 29, 2016

10:00am to 3:00pm


Scott Bikes and Bike Attack are teaming up to introduce the some of the best in quality and performance road and mountain bikes. Scott Bikes creates bikes for cyclists of all ages from toddler to adult and bikes for both men and women. Whether you’re a bike enthusiast looking to check out what Scott has for fun, or a serious bike aficionado looking for high performance bikes, Scott has something for everyone!

Please be prepared to sign a waiver, to wear a helmet and leave a copy of your ID and credit card with us.


Cyclers over the age of 21, physically and mentally fit and some prior experience with mountain bike riding required. We do reserve the right to refuse service, let’s keep this a fun and happy meetup! You’ll need to bring a current, valid form of ID and credit card.

Please contact us for any questions, we love questions!

RSVP required! Our contact details are below, please contact us for reservations as soon as possible.


Phone: 310-862-5001

Email: to RSVP

Bike Attack is hosting a Bulls eBikes Demo Day at Bike Attack Playa Vista on the following Saturday, November 5th, 2016, 10am to 2pm. Details will be linked soon!

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling, why choose one over the other? Let’s explore the differences, benefits and disadvantages as well as some of the surprising things they have in common.


Outdoor: There are unlimited differences in the type of outdoor bike you choose to ride. BMX, fixie, road, cyclocross, electric, cruisers, cargo, trikes, unicycles, etc. Combine this with the different brakes, derailleurs, chains, pedals, seats, colors, spokes, lights…the accessories and parts are endless in its variety. One of the most fun aspects of being a cyclist is the shopping!

Indoor: There are quite a few different models of indoor cycles so there’s that. Variety comes into play with indoor cycling with the different positions you use to change up the routine. Pushups, popcorn jumps, hovers, all are part of different exercises you can do on an indoor bike to change up the exercise routine.

Outcome: Outdoor cycling has more variety, more options for you and your bike.



Outdoor: Difficulty depends on the terrain, weather conditions and your pace.

Indoor: Cycling in place will seem more difficult because there is less to distract you. You’ll also be cycling under consistent conditions so you’ll be using the same muscles again and again.

Outcome: Indoor cycling could be more difficult simply because you are doing the same thing in a closed space over and over again. Outdoor cycling provides constant stimulation in terms of terrain, and scenery.



Outdoor: Weather conditions vary depending on where you bike. Traffic, road work, construction, all are variables that can get in the way of a nice ride. Maintenance on your bike can become a hassle if you don’t take care of your bike or if you have a bike that keeps breaking down.

Indoor: No need to worry about weather, crazy drivers, unsafe road conditions. The bike stays in one place whether you’re on it or not.

Outcome: Indoor cycling is more convenient regarding weather, availability and traffic.



Outdoor: Cycling outdoors exercises a variety of different muscles, trains your reaction reflexes and keeps your mind busy. Your workout depends on how much you push yourself.

Indoor: Cycling indoors exercises a specific set of muscles for a period of time and is mentally exhausting because of the demands put on you in a short duration, you’ll definitely always get a good workout with a high heart rate.

Outcome: Draw.


Summary: Indoor cycling is consistent, safe and convenient for those who want a quick, fast paced workout. Outdoor cycling has more options, can be used for exercise or relaxation, and exercises more than just your muscles. Outdoor cycling wins! (Obviously) Now get your bike, or get a bike and get out there!!

What is Slowing You Down?

There are so many things you can do to improve your speed, but what is slowing you down? Here’s a look at a few things that could be the culprits.



Cycling in a city with poor air quality inhibits your lungs from peak performance. Those of us with bronchial issues like asthma have it even worse. Studies have shown that pollution is one of the top irritants for asthma. Professional cyclists such as 3 time Tour de France winner Christ Froome is a known asthmatic and is open about using his inhaler since he was a teen. Pollution is one of the causes of acute bronchitis. The solution is to seek nature. Beach areas such as Santa Monica, California, home to Bike Attack and Bike Attack Electric or Playa Vista, home to Bike Attack’s newest location are prime locations for cyclists. There is always fresh coastal air blowing through the beaches and you’ll be upwind of all that smog.


Big Box Store Bike

Millions of people use bikes as their primary form of transportation. People are willing to spend tens and even up to hundreds of thousands on a vehicle, but that mindset doesn’t always carry over to bike purchases. Bike shops carefully research which brands, models and suppliers they choose to carry in their shops. Big box stores not so much. Big box stores look primarily at the bottom line, what can they sell for the highest profit margin. Bike shops look more at quality and performance- the customer satisfied with their bike shop purchase now has a relationship with the shop- maintenance, custom fittings and personalized knowledge all come with your bike shop purchase. You will get the highest performance out of a bike that was chosen for you, rather than a bike that was on a shelf. It’s Grab-n-Go versus professional expertise.


Shoddy Shifting

Your bike needs a tune up regularly. This is a fact. Over time, derailleur springs wear down, cassette teeth become round and the cables will stretch out. When you try to shift with those problems, you’re gonna have a bad time. Slow speed will only be the first of your problems. Correctly shifting at the right time equals momentum, and shifting with a drivetrain in proper working condition is where you start.



Having the right bike for you is SO important. Height, weight, strength, no we’re not talking about you, we’re talking about your bike’s height, weight and strength. Is your bike built for speed? Is it able to handle the correct terrain? You need to have the right bike in order to go and go fast. Maneuvering through traffic takes different skills than maneuvering through dirt tracks in the mountains. That’s why there’s different builds of bikes and different categories. Talk to your bike shop specialist. Let them feel your needs out and make a recommendation for a bike that fits you and your needs.



Loose fitting jersey, ill fitting shoes, the wrong sunglasses, baggy pants, the list goes on. Your gear starts with you walking out your front door. What you wear should not hinder your cycling. Firstly for safety reasons, and secondly for performance. You’ll need a full water bottle, helmet, cycling shoes, lock and chain, and a small multi-tool with Allen keys, Torx bit, screwdriver and chain extractor are all basics.


5 Types of Cyclists We Love to Hate

Cyclists come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We all cycle for different reasons but when it comes down to it, we do it for the love of it. There’s a long list of pet peeves we have about fellow cyclists, here’s our favorite gripes and the 5 types of cyclists we love to hate.

The Ever Unprepared Cyclist

Out for a group ride and there’s just that one person who never has the basic gear. Flat? Oh hey, do you mind if I borrow… Oh man, I forgot my water, anyone care to share? Of course fellow cyclists are more than happy to lend a hand, but if this becomes a habit, it becomes everyone else’s burden.


No Lights At Night

bikelane-night“It’s fine, I’ve got reflectors”. Really? Really? Bike lights at night are not just for the cyclists protection, they’re for anyone who’s out on the road. They’re putting EVERYONE’S life in danger. High visual clothing, shoes, helmets, AND a set of lights are crucial for the safety of not just the cyclists, but everyone else on the streets out at night.



Yep, it has its own term. Shoaling is when cyclists are stopped at a red light and a new arrival cycles past everyone else and stops in front of everyone who was there first. Just, don’t.



The Know It All

Some of us like figuring it out on our own. Advice is appreciated but attitude is everything. Riding is a lot less fun when someone is always pointing out what you’re doing wrong, what you need, what you SHOULD do. No thanks.


The One Upper

Always needs to be ahead, can’t stand being anything other than the lead. We’ve all got our reasons for cycling, most of us do it for the love of the road and the ride. There are a few who do it for the love of competition. And while that is great…for them… there is a time and place for everything. Every major bike race in the world is a testament to the endurance and strength of the athletes, and not who is always in the lead the entire time.







It’s Officially Fall on Thursday, September 22

fall-autumn-red-seasonSummer is coming to an end and Summer 2016 has officially been listed on record as the fifth hottest year in the last 122 years. It’s officially Fall on Thursday, September 22, which means much cooler weather and definitely a favorite season for cyclists.

Layering, Joints and Jams

What should you do differently as a cyclists during the fall season? For one, dressing appropriately for the weather is the most obvious change to be made. Layering is the key to being prepared. Some fall days may feel like remnants of summer and some fall days may have weather that’s wet, cold and windy. So here’s our first fall advice: keep your joints warm. This means leggings, mid to long length tops and gloves. When you’re out cycling, your joints will be doing all of the work and you definitely want to keep them in the most optimal condition. Skull caps are recommended, especially if you’re cycling at high speeds in cold weather, you’ll want your head to stay warm.

Watch Out for Road Debris

Fall weather affects nature and there’s going to be wind, rain and a lot of nature. Tree leaves will start falling in abundance, rain will loosen roads and rocks and winds will make a mess. Be on alert for road debris, wet areas and road slicks.

Be Noticeable

Make sure your bike is equipped with a front bike light and rear light, and that the lighting is visible from at least 500 ft away. You’ll want to wear your reflective gear (we recommend always wearing reflective gear when cycling) especially during fall and winter months if you’re out cycling during dusk or in the late afternoon and at night. Since the days are shorter during these seasons, more drivers are out when it’s dark and you’ll want to be seen.

Now get out and ride!!




Cycling at the 2016 Summer Paralympics

The 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio have begun. There are a total of 50 events in the two main disciplines of road and track cycling, 18 for Track from September 8 – 11, and 32 events for Road from September 14 – 17. These events will all take place at the Rio Olympic Velodrome and the Copacapana Cluster. This year at the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics, 150 males and 80 females will be competing in these cycling events.

Paralympic Cycling Track- Rio 2016

Paralympic Cycling Track- Rio 2016

According to the Wikipedia article on Cycling at the 2016 Summer Paralympics, the athletes participating in the cycling events are classified depending on the type and extent of their disability. There are four broad categories that cyclists are classified according to their functional ability: Blind/partially sighted tandem, handcycle, tricycle, standard bicycle.

Cycling at the 2016 Summer Paralympics – Classification of events[3]
Classification Bicycle used Description
B Tandem bicycle Athletes who have visual impairments ride tandem bicycles with a guide. They may have any level of visual impairment between no light perception in either eye through to a visual acuity of 6/60 and/or a visual field of less than 20 degrees.[4]
H (1-5) Handcycle Handcycle events are for athletes who are amputees, have paraplegia or tetraplegia.
They are classified as an H1, H2, H3 or H4, with H1 being the most severely impaired. H1, H2, H3 and H4 cyclists will all compete in a lying position, whereas H5 cyclists compete in a kneeling position.[3]
T (1-2) Tricycle Tricycle events are for those cyclists who have a neurological condition or an impairment which has a comparable effect on their cycling so that they are not able to compete on a standard bicycle for reasons of balance. There are two classifications of tricycle: T1 and T2. Of these, T1 is for the more severely impaired athletes.[3]
C (1-5) Standard bicycle for riders with moderate locomotion impairment who do not require a tricycle[3]

There are 16 factored cycling events. Factored events are events that have competition between cyclists from different classes and the severity of impairments of each competitor is taken into account for the results.

Paralympic Cycling Road Rio 2016 - Hand Cycling Event

Paralympic Cycling Road Rio 2016 – Hand Cycling Event

Classification →


C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 T1 T2 H1 H2 H3 H4
Road Cycling
Men’s Road Race
Women’s Road Race
Mixed Road Race
Men’s Time Trial
Women’s Time Trial
Mixed Time Trial
Mixed relay
Track Cycling
Men’s 1000 m time trial
Men’s ind. Pursuit
Men’s ind. sprint
Women’s 500m time trial
Women’s 1000m time trial
Women’s ind. Pursuit
Mixed team sprint
  • B=Blind or Partially sighted, tandem bicycle
  • H=Handcycle
  • T=Tricycle
  • C=Standard bicycle, with modifications

iPhone and Android Apps for Cyclists


  1. Strava: Named for the Swedish word for “strive”, Strava has posed itself to be a social network Stravafor athletes. Geared towards cyclists, runners and triathletes, Strava records your athletic activity using any one of 20+ compatible devices and analyzes and compares your data with your friends, professional athletes and your own performance history. The mobile app is free and so is basic usage. Strava has a premium option that provides more features, customizable training plans, personalized coaching, live feedback, and advanced analysis.

  2. Map My Ride: A product of the Under Armour Connected Fitness Business Unit, Map My Ride Map My Rideis a free mobile app that helps you track your activity, track nutrition, and share your activity with your social network. Map My Ride works with any Bluetooth Smart Sensor and ANT + sensors with a plug in and also offers a premium option. The premium option offers detailed training plans, advanced routing options, live tracking and is ad-free.

  3. Wahoo Fitness: A bluetooth powered cycling and running workout tracker that uploads to other Wahoo Fitnesssites like Strava, Map My Ride, MyFitnessPal, Cyclemeter GPS (and many more!). This app is great for the athletes who love their data. There are eight customizable pages of data that tracks speed, heart rate, power, etc. The app is free, and the company also offers smart bike trainers, bike computers, cycling sensors, phone cases and other accessories.

  4. Google Maps: By far out performing Apple maps, Google Maps is the most comprehensive, up-Google Mapsto-date map app on the market. Although not a cycling or fitness specific app, You will get real time traffic and hazard information and the search function ties into Google search- you can search destinations by name, category or key word.

  5. My Virtual Mission: For those of us who would like to add another dimension to our workouts, My Virtual MissionMy Virtual Mission is a free app that lets you set a goal and work towards it over time, rather than treating each trip as a single workout. Their tagline is super appealing: “If you added up the distances of all your exercise sessions, such as running or cycling or whatever you do, how far would that take you around the world? My Virtual Mission lets you track your progress towards completing an outrageous virtual journey. You can even raise funds for your favorite charity or own cause along your way (optional).” It’s a really great way (and a personal favorite) to track all of the progress your athletic has built up to and the charity option is a fantastic added bonus.

These are the best free iPhone and Android apps for cyclists that we’ve found, you should definitely download more than just one at a time and see which works best with your lifestyle.