Purefix Glow – For Cyclist Who Want To Stand Out

Purefix has been a trusted name in the fixed-gear bike arena for years, so when they married up their quality bikes with solar activated glow in the dark paint, well — Let’s just say there’s a new way to shine when the sun sets in Cali.

Purefix-Zulu-$399 online


The Zulu may be more basic in nature as a fixie when compared to multi-gear road bikes, but this urban bike is anything but basic in style and the components it does have are quality making it’s $399 retail price one of the biggest bang for your buck values around.

The Zulu has a high tensile steel frame that is built to last and designed for comfort in urban riding scenarios and as the name implies — it glows. This bike has the flip-flop rear wheel hub to go from single speed to fixie quickly.
The rest of the components include:

• Neco headset
• Zoom seat post
• Oury grips
• Neco stem
• Pure Fix urban saddle
• Pure Fix platform pedals
• KMC chain
• Kendra tires and tubes
• Lasered KT Quandos hubs and Presta valves

 What do 9 out of 10 people who purchase the Purefix Zulu from our shop say about it?

“I was impressed with the quality and ride, it rode like a $1,000 bike.”

“Great bike around town!”

“Unbelievable bike for the price.”

Check out this video of “A Day in LA, featuring PureFix” and then come in to BikeAttack and make your own decision.